Joy Bruce

Founder and Managing Director

Originally from South Africa, Joy moved to the UK in early 2004 to be closer to family. Motivated to succeed, she was delighted when offered a position as an Administrator, within the Recruitment agency she registered for work with. Although she had no previous recruitment experience, Joy quickly developed a hunger for the industry and worked her way up to Branch Manager, within her first 5 years with the company.  She gained exposure to both temporary and permanent recruitment, continuously achieved set targets and won a number of internal awards for top performance.  Having focused specifically in the office and commercial sectors, Joy realised that she could apply the same principles of placing candidates based on their cultural fit, rather than just experience or skills and that this approach could be applied to recruitment across other sectors as well. 

After over 15 years of working in reputable, Independent Agencies, Joy decided to take the leap and set up her own business, with a focus on collaborating with clients and candidates across all sectors, offering a tailored service that can be adapted to the needs of market. Since then, Joy has continued to use this principle and believes that this has been the main contributing factor to her continued success, in a very competitive industry.

When it comes to growth and opportunity, Joy is open minded about the Collaborate Recruitment journey and looks forward to sharing our success as we grow. Please connect with Joy and Collaborate Recruitment via our website, Linkedin or Facebook. We would love to find out more about you, whether you are a client, candidate or a potential Collaborate partner!


Rob Bruce

Director / Recruiter

Rob is the team’s second South African and Joy’s partner in crime.  It made sense that after nearly 20 years in the Recruitment Industry, Rob joined the Collaborate Team, to add even more sparkle to the team. 

Rob is a family man and keen sportsman, with a passion for rugby and Crossfit. With the majority of his experience in Technical Engineering, Rob brings quality expertise, placing white collar staff into the precision and skilled manufacturing / engineering sectors.  As a hands on leader however, and one who enjoys being part of the overall success, it’s no surprise that he also rolls up his sleeves and places staff across our wide portfolio of permanent and fixed term contract positions.

Rob is an open book.  He is honest in his approach and enjoys building lasting relationships.  He is a softy at heart and for those who know him, you will agree that he can be relied upon.  Letting people down is no option.

Feel free to contact Rob on 077 8000 7323 /

Katya Benedetto


After working in Recruitment for many years, Katya took some time out to concentrate on family life, and to do her own freelance projects.  Once you get hooked in recruitment however, it seems you don’t ever get it out of your system, so Katya has joined Collaborate as a Recruiter, picking up the pieces as if she had never left!

Originally from Bournemouth, Katya moved to London early on in her career, initially working in Retail, for Next, before being headhunted to join an International Recruitment agency. She ran a very busy desk, recruiting temporary staff into a number of industry sectors - and loved every minute of it!  Katya found her niche, and the recruitment industry sucked her in - encompassing everything that she loves, especially working with people. Katya relocated back to Bournemouth in 2004, and despite an open mind on what she wanted to do next, she was drawn into Recruitment again, this time for an Independent Recruitment agency, where she first met and started working with Joy.

Katya is definitely a people person, incredibly honest, warm and personable.  She always strives to give great care and attention to both candidates and clients alike.  Katya compliments the Collaborate Team and looks forward to meeting many more new faces, along the way.

Feel free to contact Katya on 07706 330551 /

Bridgette Volek

Recruitment Team Administrator

Bridgette is our self-proclaimed “Momager” - Well equipped for supporting others!  She completed her degree in Business Economics and Industrial psychology, followed by a fulfilling stint as a devoted stay-at-home Mum, before returning to the employment world.  She has always had a passion for people, so spent some time in the recruitment industry over the years, once her children were less demanding.

Bridgette has now relocated from South Africa to Poole, and in doing so has joined half of South Africa who now also live in the UK!

She is a nurturing and caring individual whose experience as a stay-at-home mom has honed her patience, understanding and organisational skills. She is a natural problem solver and has a way of bringing out the best in people, whether it’s children or potential candidates for recruitment. Her ability to juggle multiple tasks and her knack for problem- solving are invaluable assets in the fast-paced world of recruitment administration. With a heart full of compassion and a determination to excel, Bridgette is ready to embark on this new chapter of recruitment and administration.

We are very excited to have Bridgette in the team, and as has eagerly thrown herself back into Recruitment, we’re hoping that she can keep the administration and process side of our business in check!

Armed with a desire to help others and her experience as a “Momager,” we are lucky to have Bridgette on our side.



Team Mascot

This little gem plays an active part in keeping the team grounded…and loved!  She can be somewhat of a micro manager, jumps up to follow you if you leave the room, but apart from this, Maggi reminds us of the small pleasures in life, and keeps us entertained with her ‘passive’ snoring and routine cuddles!  

In the words of Andy Rooney, “The average dog is a nicer person than the average person” – and in true Collaborate style, we have sourced the best dog for the best team! 

Our Steps to Success

Listen, Learn and Understand

Listen, Learn and Understand

Conduct needs analysis to determine the scope of the role and the required person / team fit.
Search, Sift and Select

Search, Sift and Select

The creative approach to advertising, sourcing and identifying the best fit for the job, even if there is only one!
Profile and Prep, to Place

Profile and Prep, to Place

Present CVs clearly and concisely. Pre-interview selected candidates. Negotiate a mutually beneficial offer.
Onboarding and Support

Onboarding and Support

Pre-start check ins and periodic contact with the client and candidate thereafter, to support long term success.